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About Roadhouse

Roadhouse is the one-stop shop for people of all ages and tastes.
As one of Australia’s leading retail store chains, our stores are packed with the leading streetwear and smart casual brands, plus light-to-heavy workwear. You’ll have everything you need to take you from the workplace to the weekend.
But it is not only the clothes, but our stores are also filled with the latest footwear and accessories, and we ensure our highly trained staff will give you the full shopping experience.
Whether you’re looking for yourself, a partner, or a friend, at Roadhouse you’ll find a large range of top quality footwear, jeans, jackets, shirts, tees, pants, caps, belts, socks, jocks, watches, and other clothing and accessories.
We have ten stores across Australia. Each store stocks the main core brands and is styled with the demographic of the area in mind.

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